Hello Your Branding, Marketing, E Commerce Solution
Hello Your Branding, Marketing, E Commerce Solution

Need Your Marketing Team?

Design Your Marketing Plan with Right Strategy

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We love to hear your great business plan. Every business is as unique as you are. We provide tailored services that develop your business brand and intelligently markets it to your target market.  Our marketing team is always here to help you assist the perfect Marketing Plan to grow your business with you.

Promote Your Products & Services

Market research is the gathering, studying and analysing of information about the targeted markets or customer segments, so as to gain market intelligence. We will helps businesses to develop products and services that meet the demand and requirements of your customers.

◎ Market Research
◎ Competitive Analysis 

◎ Marketing Plan Implementation 
◎ Action Plan

◎ Tracking & Monitoring Result

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Content is King

It is good content that reaches the different segment of customers. A good content strategy helps to map out what needs to be communicated and how it can be communicated. Our consultants are highly experienced in this area of work in English, Japanese and Chinese.

◎ Website Contents
◎ Brochures (Print & Digital)

◎ Advertisement (Print & Digital)
◎ Blogs, Articles, Personal Profiles

◎ Interview

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Communicating Values

Brand is key factor in customer decision making process. Customers make choices based on their experience, feeling and familiarity of the brand. We help our clients to strategize and develop the brand that build and retains a strong customer base.

◎ Logo, Text Logo
◎ Corporate & Personal Branding

◎ Web Design, Banner, Illustration
◎ Stationary
◎   Business Card
◎ Brochure

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Social Media Management for F&B

We will grow your Facebook page and Instagram account with genuine organic followers. 
We will strategically market your account  to build your brand and boost your sales !

What will you get?

✔ Increased followers from your target audience in tageted location 

✔ More engagement from real users. we say No to face accouunt. 

✔ Arrange collaboration with local influencers. (in Singapore)

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“Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points”

– Jonah Sachs –

It is the brand of the business that touches customers at all levels; good or bad.  The success of a business is the brand they have earned. To create a winning business image, it is important to take a strategic approach to branding and marketing the company’s value proposition, product and services.


dy Marketing’s vision is to become a boutique branding and marketing partner for small and midium enterprise aiming to enter new markets or to enhance their brand position through effective marketing. We can also provide one stop solutions for your Cross Border Marketing. We especially well-known for helping Japanese, Korean, Singapore and Chinese businesses that are expanding into Asia, Middle East, Europe and America and vice versa.

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Marketing Strategy

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