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Building brand authenticity that shares your passion-filled brand story to your clients.

Artisan Tea Brand

Digital Platform  

Developing professional and responsive digital platforms, including full SEO structure, website development, blog management, all the way down to taking care of your ecommerce.
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We bring out the best in your brand’s comparative advantage and tease out the best possible game plan for your brand’s success through crafting bespoke marketing strategies based on your goals.
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About Us

We are a boutique marketing agency passionate about planning, creating and directing strategies to help you spread your brand presence to wider audiences, improve your relationship with your customers and leave them with a lasting impression of your brand

Local & Global

International marketing isn’t as easy as A B C. It is more than just a homogenous effort with cultural sensibility. Be it English, Japanese, Korean or Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) content that you are after, be rest assured that we have a multicultural and borderless content creation team.
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IT Solutions  

We readily provide IT support and Solutions. From the server, to the network and workstation, to general IT Support as well as tailored approaches to developing your system.
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F & B 

We operate notably iconic restaurants that have been successful in achieving incomparable experiences like no other, alongside providing space to build a holistic community rooted in food, art and culture.
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Stunning support! Prompt reply and great instructions.
I always get stuck with execution of my marketing projects. This saved me hours of frustration, and that is priceless.
Stunning support! Easy
to use, great instructions.
I always get stuck with the marketing part of my projects. This saved me hours of frustration, and that is priceless.
Since 2014, we have been working with a wide array of clients from various industries and various countries.

Collaboration and Creativity is key; it is the backbone behind any successful business. With the appropriate tools here at DY Marketing and niche primary consumer research in your respective target market, we are always looking forward to forming new relationships and developing tailor-made strategies for our clients.

Got a great brand idea? Let’s grow together.